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Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) is the main project of the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC). Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) is the British American Tobacco (BAT) subsidiary holding the monopoly of manufacturing and trading cigarettes in Sri Lanka. CTC initiated Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) in 2005 in line with their parent company British American Tobacco (BAT)’s CSI theme “Sustainable Agriculture and Environment”. Please see our page on Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) for more details.[1][2]

SADP Agro-Wells Project

SADP Agro-Wells is a variant of the SADP programme launched in 2014. According to CTC, the programme was initiated to construct 100 agro-wells in the Welioya region, a rural agricultural area in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It was reported as a joint project with the Ministry of Economic Development, of which the Minister during that era was Basil Rajapaksa.[3][4][5]Media further reported that the project received the support of Welioya Divisional Secretariat. [6][7]

CTC Investment

According to the 2014 Annual Report of CTC, they invested LKR 30 million for the SADP Agro-Wells project.[6][7]


CTC reported in 2014, that 400 families benefited from the SADP Agro-Wells project.[6][7][5] As per the main SADP Programme, the SADP Agro-Wells project received positive media coverage as reflected in the examples below;

  • Daily FT - CTC and Ministry of Economic Development to construct 100 agro-wells[7]
  • Sunday Observer - CTC to build 100 agro-wells[6]

Obtaining sponsorship from tobacco industry by the Ministry of Economic Development violates FCTC Article 13 and partnering with the industry in collaborative projects violates FCTC Article 5.3. Positive media coverage violates National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) Act by means of promoting a tobacco manufacturer’s image.

Image 1: CTC received positive media coverage for SADP Agro-Wells project[6]

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