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Advent International Limited was a fully owned subsidiary of Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC), established in 2001. According to the media reports quoting CTC, it was a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service centre providing ERP system support and business process consultancy for worldwide British American Tobacco (BAT) companies and other companies in Sri Lanka”.[1][2][3][4] In their Annual Reports since 2008, CTC stated that Advent International is “in the process of liquidation”.[5][6][1] It was struck-off from the Registrar of Companies list in January 2012.[7]

Directors and Employees

  • Simon Northcott – According to media, a British National, Northcott, “set up and ran” the Advent International Limited until 2004.[8]
  • Mustanser Ali Khan – Khan was a Director in Advent International. He was the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of CTC from 2007 to 2010.[1]


The media reports in 2002 mentioned the following as partners of Advent International:[2]

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