Reopening of Kilinochchi and Mankulam Police Stations

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Police officers are one of the four categories that are authorised to implement National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) Act.

Kilinochchi and Mankulam are two major precincts in the Northern Sri Lanka. Before 2009, civil war and terrorism restricted access to those for the Sri Lanka Police as well as for the industries and traders such as Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC). Police stations in Kilinochchi and Mankulam were re-established with the sponsorship of CTC in 2010 (Image 1).[1][2][3][4]

The state national newspaper Daily News reporting the opening of Mankulam police station by the then Prime Minister D M Jayaratne[1]

CTC Investment

According to the news articles published in several print and electronic media, CTC’s investment for this project was LKR 130 Million.[1][2][4]


National newspapers and news websites reported the project with the image of then Prime Minister DM Jayaratne ceremoniously opening the Mankulam police station. Published on 04th December 2010, all of them highlighted:[1][2][4]

  • the amount of money spent by CTC (LKR 130 Million)
  • it was completed within 6 months
  • the re-opened police stations being “supreme” or “A” grade
  • the participation of Prime Minister, Inspector General of Police (highest ranking police officer in the country) and CTC chairman Jayampathi Bandaranayake in the event.

The Sunday Island e-paper, the online weekend edition of the national newspaper The Island, mentioned “building modern police stations in Kilinochchi and Mankulam completed in December last year” in an article published five months later (02 April 2011). The article was about CTC shareholders being lobbied against “owning shares in a business selling a harmful product” by an anonymous group. The article referred to re-opening of the police stations as an example of CTC being a “responsible corporate citizen” and its contribution to “acceleration of re-establishing civil administration in the Northern Province”.[5]

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