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Hemal Sachindra Ranasinghe is a Sri Lankan actor, model, dancer and a media presenter.[1] Born on 25th August 1984 in Matale, Sri Lanka, he was a student at St. Thomas College, Matale. His father was an Ayurvedic medical practitioner. He has an employment history in John Keells Holdings (JKH), Sri Lanka.[2]

Hemal received the award for ‘Most Popular Actor’ in two national level film award ceremonies: Derana Film Awards (2016 and 2018) and Hiru Golden Film Awards (2016). He received several other national level awards in 2016 including the critics award for Best Actor at the Derana Film Awards; Best Promising Actor at the Hiru Golden Film Awards and Special Jury Award in Sarasavi Sammana.[3][4][5] [6][7]

Tobacco Related Activities

Hemal played the main role in the Adaraneeya Kathwak movie, directed by Priyantha Colombage. The movie was criticized for promoting alcohol and tobacco and violating National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) Act. For more details please see Sinhala Movie "Adaraneeya Kathavak" Accused of Violating the NATA Act page).

Hemal publicly criticized the accusations in several media reports and denied them.[8][9]

Image 1: Hemal Ranasinghe, with a cigarette and an alcohol containing glass (“beer mug”) in his hands in the promotion trailer of the movie Aadaraneeya Kathawak

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