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Image 1: An Image of Gangaramaya Wesak zone[1]

Wesak is the main religious festival of Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Each year, the head priest of the Gangaramaya Temple and a private media station Sirasa, organize two Wesak zones.[2][3]

Gangarama Wesak Zone, conducted at the heart of Colombo, consists of illuminating the surrounding buildings with lights and an exhibition zone displaying Wesak Lanterns made by different individuals and institutions including schools (Image 1). In 2017, it was conducted in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office.[4]

Links to the Tobacco Industry

  • In 2013, Independence Television Network (ITN), one of the two state media stations in Sri Lanka, reported that Dinesh Dharmadasa who is the corporate and regulatory affairs director of CTC, donated money to the Ganarama Wesak zone. Rev Kirinde Assaji Thero, in his thanking speech, highlighted the sponsorship given by the Ceylon tobacco company director Dinesh Dharmadasa.[5][6]

Gangaramaya Temple also collaborated with the Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) in one of their Sustainable Agriculture Development Projects (SADP), Na Sevana Community Development Project.

Image 2: Newspaper announcement on Gangaramaya Wesak zone 2017[4]

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